How I think we can reduce absolute poverty

There is no denying that poverty is an absolute cancer of society. The fact that even one person does not have the resources necessary to sustain life is categorically abhorrent, let alone millions. Some say that absolute poverty will always exist, but to that, I quote the prominent lecturer Charles Aked, who said that “the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men do nothing”. As such, I have immortalised my musings on the matter below. I must stress, before I get to the proverbial meat of this article, that these are simply my thoughts on the topic, and I do not proclaim them to be unequivocally correct in the slightest. In actuality, I am welcome to any elucidations or critiques of my thoughts in the comment section below. Continue reading “How I think we can reduce absolute poverty”

Is it better to be conservative or reckless when trading?

When trading, there are some who are conservative, who look for the “perfect trade” which almost never comes. And then there are others who look at the tiniest changes in price and think “there we go, that’s my opportunity.”

But which one is it better to be? The low volume, low risk trader or the trader that opens positions with reckless abandon?

In actuality, my opinion is that it is the former who I would most likely place my money on to earn more. In trading, as in other areas of life, “less is more”, as they say.

Although there is potential of even the most meticulously planned trade going the wrong way, careful planning and a strong investment thesis reduce the chance of it happening exponentially.

The same can’t be said for the high volume trader, where even one failed trade will wipe them out.

Be safe, stay safe.