Traffic jams: An economic perspective

A 16 year old argues how economics can be used to both diagnose and treat the problem of traffic jams in modern society.

Free market capitalism: good or bad?

The debate on whether free market capitalism is overall good or bad has been raging for ages. Personally, I think that it would be a good thing, as I feel that prices should solely be determined based on supply and demand, but what I will do in this blog post is evaluate the pros and cons of… Continue reading Free market capitalism: good or bad?

Why trading is a harder job than people give it credit for

Now, I might not seem like I know much about this, being only 14 and all, but from my limited experiences of trading, it is not like the job that many people look at it as, with rose-tinted glasses. It’s all well and good that you can stay at home and work, but how far… Continue reading Why trading is a harder job than people give it credit for

Why young people love volatility

These days, people are busier than ever before. With the addition of technology into the world, time has never had such a high value. If it was a stock, it’s value would be through the roof! Because of this, commodities like WTI Crude Oil and currency pairs such as EUR/USD are gaining market depth at an… Continue reading Why young people love volatility