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  1. I think your take on subjects is so honestly refreshing, I look forward to catching up on your other blogs. You’re amazing & wishing you every success in the future. Well Done.


  2. Shrey, don’t point to any EU economy as a poor example of anti-trickle down, supply side or Paul Ryan’s latest iteration, dynamic scoring. Candidate George H. W. Bush phrased it best, as Voodoo Economics, when he faced-off against Candidate Ronald Reagan, during the GOP primary debates, in 1980. All of thE EU has been following Berlin’s mandated Austerity, which is trickle-down. Just point-out one instance where it worked. Until then, its ideological mythology.

    Additionally, members of the Eurozone are burdened by a bastardization of proven economic theory. France, a member of the Euro, does not con trow its own monetary policy; however, it does manage its own fiscal policy. Therefore, the two policies cannot be reconciled, except by going along with Berlin’s austere preferences.

    How does trickle-down insure that an investor, movie producer, patent-holder doesn’t leave France, Sweden, Etc. Their services often benefit a worldwide base. So, France takes a smaller cut, but only on the revenue produced within France. But, when you read the fine print, you often find that, after all the tax-breaks and mis-worded explanation, the wealthy benefit most.

    Case in point: Bill Clinton raised taxes back up to Reagan-era rates and 22 million jobs were created. Clinton also balanced the budget. And George W. Bush lowered rates mostly for the wealthy, converted a budget surplus to a huge deficit, raised unemployment rates, halved the stock market and passed the nation on to Barack Obama, with the economy looking down from the lip of a “Fiscal abyss”.

    Shrey, the few economists who are proponents can talk around the concept, but they cannot point to a single example of where it worked in reality. Be sure to let us know!


    1. Thanks for the long comment 🙂 Since writing articles in favour of trickle down economics, I’ve reconsidered; I don’t consider it a viable economic ideology anymore. Thanks again for this perspective; comments like these are how I learn 🙂


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