Thank you all for a fantastic 2015

I started this website in February 2015. At the time, I thought it would be nothing more than an obscure crevice on the internet which one or two people would perhaps begrudgingly read. However, now, I’m proud to say that Shrey’s Finance Blog has had an excess of 145,000 views, 2000 Twitter followers, and 1000 Facebook likes. I’ve also had interviews with BBC Worldwide Radio, The Tab, and Maverick Youth (all of which you can find on my Media page). Through this success, I’ve also been appointed to write economic and financial articles for Maverick Youth. I’ve also been given lead positions in some smaller websites. For example, I’ve just become Editor in Chief of Mavonomics, and Chief Economic Writer for Pertinent Problems. Some of my articles have been published on massively popular financial and economic websites, including Zero Hedge, and I’ve even been mentioned on Bloomberg!

I couldn’t have achieved any of this without you, my loyal viewers and supporters. I’m really looking forward to 2016 and what it brings, and I wish you all a splendid year.

Best Regards,


By Shrey Srivastava

A finance and economics enthusiast, and someone who wants to share his views with the world.


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