Why the USA needs Robert Reich as Secretary of the Treasury

It’s easy to see that the power of the finance industry has grown and grown over the past few years. With that, the power and importance of the Secretary of the Treasury has also. A position as powerful and important as this has grown to be deserves someone dynamic, someone versatile, and someone who isn’t afraid to challenge the President. Robert Reich ticks all of those boxes. The USA today is facing greater challenges than ever before in the form of income inequality (please see my previous article for more on this), deficits and unemployment, so it is incontestable that we need a Secretary of the Treasury strong enough to combat all of these problems.

Don’t be fooled by Reich’s short stature; he is a man of massive experience and knowledge gained from working in a plethora of different areas. He has a clear and tangible vision of the US economy, and an understanding of the challenges faced by the common man. He can stand up in the face of multinational corporations, while also being able to negotiate amicably with them, in order to reach a mutually beneficial solution. Reich is also a versatile character, being able to explain economic theories at a schoolboy level, and also being able to take it up a notch when need be. You just need to look at his Facebook page to see a pleasant smattering of videos on how to make the economy work for the many, not the few. This only proves his versatility and the feasibility of his solutions. Make no mistake, Reich is a man on a mission.

Reich also is a man willing to accept his mistakes, and move on to form a more feasible solution later down the line. He can say how he did things in the Clinton administration, and change his ideas based on if they turned out well or not. A man with this experience would be an immense asset to the President, and would bring with him an incredibly logical and analytical mindset, working, as he says on his page, to serve the interests of the many, not the few. His expertise, skills and experience are exactly what is needed to fill one of the last great voids that the USA has. They need Robert Reich in order to truly start on the road to fulfilling the American Dream, and making sure that the USA does not lose its status as an economic powerhouse. Only Reich can help the USA reach true greatness, fulfilling the needs of the many, not the few, and making good on that promise of the American Dream.

By Shrey Srivastava

A finance and economics enthusiast, and someone who wants to share his views with the world.

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