Why cannabis should be legalised

Cogitation over whether to legalise cannabis or not in the UK has become very prevalent in recent years. Some feel that it is indubitable that cannabis should be legalised, because of its many health benefits, for example. However, some feel that legalising cannabis would provide even more incitement to the problem of crime. The discussion… Continue reading Why cannabis should be legalised

Why socialism fails

Socialism is one of the biggest breakout economic ideologies of the 20th century. Although the UK general election was won by capitalists, socialism has more advocates than ever before, as a growing contingent are proposing a redistribution of wealth. You just need to look at the 250,000 people who protested on Saturday against the Conservatives’… Continue reading Why socialism fails

Why the USA needs Robert Reich as Secretary of the Treasury

It’s easy to see that the power of the finance industry has grown and grown over the past few years. With that, the power and importance of the Secretary of the Treasury has also. A position as powerful and important as this has grown to be deserves someone dynamic, someone versatile, and someone who isn’t… Continue reading Why the USA needs Robert Reich as Secretary of the Treasury