When, and should, footballers stop earning ludicrous amounts?

Like every bubble, the football one has to burst eventually. What I’m struggling to see is if that will happen during my lifetime, given the vast mainstream exposure and cult-like following that football has. In a football stadium, it’s sacrilegious to support the “away team”.

People are constantly saying that footballers get paid far too much and that doctors and nurses should get that salary. What they fail to realise is that footballers are in very high demand and very little supply, while, even though it’s true to say doctors are in high demand too, there’s a lot more supply of them.

You are far more likely to find a skilled doctor than you would a skilled footballer. And when you take into account the joy that footballers provide to people everywhere, their salary, while still being ludicrous, does not seem that exorbitant. Shows such as “Football Saved My Life” perfectly explore this concept.

I’m not denying that doctors and nurses save lives and that their salary should be closer to footballers’, but what I’m saying is that the people who say that footballers should be given a “normal” man’s wage are not taking into account certain key factors.

Maybe salaries such as Falcao’s 300k a week or Rooney’s 310k a week are unfair and exaggerated, but show me one person out of 100 that can do what they do on a weekly basis and I’ll change my mind.

The football bubble is bound to burst eventually, I’m not denying that, but they at least deserve some of their wage.

Give them some respect, guys.

By Shrey Srivastava

A finance and economics enthusiast, and someone who wants to share his views with the world.


  1. Football is one of the few places that working class people can break through to earn a huge wage so if we are to cut footballers wages, which is impossible, we need to cut everyone’s wages


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