Scalping: How hard is it really?

Some say that scalping is not in the spirit of trading and should be outlawed, which is why some major CFD brokers such as Plus500 don’t let you take your profits if you have scalped.

But this blog post is about how hard it really is. Is sitting in front of a computer screen waiting for minor fluctuations in the price of a stock actually challenging? The problem with this statement is that it is very biased – it does not take into account the lengthy periods of time that scalpers have to sit in front of a computer screen waiting for the tiniest profits.

Of course, when trading CFDs such as Brent Crude, this time is dramatically reduced as a result of the volatility. Scalpers nominally traditionally trade on the more volatile stocks to get profits not even in the double digits some of the time, but their sheer volume of trades makes them profitable.

What most people don’t take into account is that scalpers have to continually monitor their screens and be vigilant and alert waiting for the tiniest shifts in price.

The actual act of scalping in itself is not that difficult, with the only slightly challenging thing being to be quick when your trade goes into the green. Aside from that, even a beginner can do this.

So, overall, I would conclude that scalping is quite easy if you have a lot of time on your hands. If not, I would advise one to pursue other avenues of CFD trading.

By Shrey Srivastava

A finance and economics enthusiast, and someone who wants to share his views with the world.

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